Lakatos' Store Front - Early 80's

Owner John Lakatos is a Hungarian immigrant who arrived in Cleveland in 1970. He possessed only one suitcase and the phone number of an acquaintance of a friend whom he had never met. In spite of the odds, he was excited about his future in the United States. John worked odd jobs for years waiting for the opportunity to buy his own business. In 1979, he had a chance to purchase a shoe repair shop in Wooster. He felt fortunate to be able to carry on this Old World trade and showcase his quality workmanship and dedicated customer care. He relocated his young family and became the proud owner of Lakatos Shoe Repair. A few years after opening John added shoe sales to his growing business.  He selected high-quality Red Wings, which are long lasting, but also worth to repair when it required. John adapted to the changing business environment in 2000 by creating a webpage to sell shoe care products and shoes to a wider clientele.

Janos Lakatos Busy Repairing Footwear

John has two grown daughters, Christina and Lilly, and his wife Elizabeth also owns a business just up the street: Tulipán Hungarian Pastry & Coffee Shop. John continues to serve his customers with unsurpassed skills and efficiency. He is thankful for the Wooster community’s support and kindness that has allowed him to prosper.